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Yamaha YDP-C71 digital piano review

Simplicity is why you’d buy the Yamaha YDP-C71. With it’s rich and powerfully-amplified piano tone and solid graded-hammer key action, it’s a perfect digital piano featuring 10 different voices for intermediate to more advanced pianists.

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About Yamaha pianos

Yamaha digital pianos are widely considered to be the best digital pianos in the market ahead of companies like Kurzweil and Roland. They’ve been making a wide-range of digital pianos for an awfully long time. What makes Yamaha digital pianos so popular in comparison to other makes is their quality of construction and tone-quality. At the time of writing, their range currently comprises:
– NP-range: entry-level keyboard/synth pianos
– P-series: a “compact and stylish” portable range
– Arius/YDP-range: a mid-range selection of static digital pianos (to which the Yamaha Yamaha YDP-C71 belongs)
– Clavinova CLP-range: a top-end selection of static and grand digital pianos
– Clavinova CVP-range: a top-end selection of electronic-functions based “show” pianos
– MODUS-range: a top-end selection of digital pianos that focus heavily on design

For more information about Yamaha digital pianos, please click here:

About Yamaha Arius (YDP) series Yamaha P series

The Arius (YDP) series digital pianos are Yamaha’s static ‘furniture-style’ range. They’re digital pianos that combine great quality piano sounds with a decent touch. They’re perfect instruments for beginners through to experienced players and range in price from around £650 through to £1,400.



It’s the re-creation of the piano sound by Yamaha’s AWM dynamic stereo sampling that sets the Yamaha YDP-C71 apart from its competitors. Whilst it didn’t see an upgrade to Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine in 2013, it still produces a beautifully rich piano sound.

Featuring 128-note polyphony (allowing you to play multiple notes at once with no loss in sound quality) and 20W+20W amplification played through two 12cm x 6cm speakers, it’s one of the most powerfully amplified in the Arius (YDP) range. With 10 available voices to choose from and the ability to split or layer them together, the focus is definitely the intermediate-to-more-advanced pianist.



The 88-key Yamaha YDP-C71 is a fully weighted digital piano featuring Yamaha’s “graded hammer” action (meaning that keys in the left-hand are slightly harder to depress than those in the right). It mimics the feel of an upright acoustic piano but also allows you to alter the touch sensitivity to suit your playing style. Lots of players say that the keys have quite a heavy feel to them and ultimately it comes down to your personal playing style as to whether or not you like it. As it’s a furniture-style piano, it comes with the 3 pedals you’d expect on an acoustic instrument: damper, soft and sostenuto.

Value for Money



The Yamaha Yamaha YDP-C71 is currently only available in polished ebony in the UK and is known as the YDP-C71PE

Yamaha YDP C71

Further information

With the focus on simplicity, the Yamaha YDP-C71 is equipped with only the most necessary features. It has dual headphone sockets, MIDI in/out connectivity and a one-song-two-track built-in MIDI recorder. People who purchase the Yamaha YDP-C71 tend to be intermediate-to-advanced level classical pianists rather than keyboard players who require a wider range of voices, rhythms and recording options.

Other pianos for consideration

Those who are considering purchasing the Yamaha YDP-C71 may also consider:
– Yamaha P-155 which is more portable but consequently has less amplification
– Yamaha YDP-162 which is slightly cheaper and with the upgraded Pure CF sound engine but in all other ways very similar to the Yamaha YDP-C71
– Casio AP-650 which is more powerful and has a higher polyphony but arguably doesn’t match the Yamaha in terms of sound quality
– Kurzweil Mark Pro One i which is cheaper but the quality of touch isn’t quite so good
– Roland F120-R which is almost a direct competitor, featuring the SuperNATURAL sound engine and a similar touch but slightly less amplification
– Roland HP-301
– Yamaha stage pianos (CP-33 or CP-50) which have no amplification but for a similar price feature significantly more voices and effects

Technical specification

Full technical specifications can be found here:


The original press release for the Yamaha YDP-C71 was picked up by

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