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Online Retailers

Online Retailers

There are an ever-increasing number of places you can buy pianos online and below are some of the ones we’ve experienced to offer great customer service, competitive prices and efficient delivery.  It goes without saying that before making an expensive piano purchase, there is no substitute to actually trying out your desired purchase in-store.



As a mass retailer, Amazon tend to cater for entry-level musicians or those looking for a bargain.  Whilst they host a range of digital pianos, they tend to sell models for the main digital piano brands, Yamaha and Casio.  Price, service and delivery are what you’d expect from Amazon across all their range of products.



Established in 1995 and part of the Music Sales Group, ships products to over 300,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide.  All orders are shipped from their warehouse in Bury St. Edmunds.  Musicroom offer a wide range of digital pianos right across the price spectrum and of different brands.  On the majority of big-selling models, prices are matched competitively to Amazon and Gear4Music.



Established in 2003, Gear4Music are one of the largest retailers of musical instruments and equipment in the UK with 200,000 registered customers.  In offering a service that allows customers to book their own delivery date and stocking a wide-range of instruments, Gear4Music have become one of the most popular retailers in the marketplace.  Gear4Music showcase arguably the widest range of digital piano stock in the UK across the price-spectrum but particularly towards the top-end and lesser-purchased models that other online retailers don’t stock.  Prices are matched competitively versus other online retailers.

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