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Casio CDP-220R digital piano review

The lightweight and affordable CDP-220r is an advance on its younger cousin the CDP-120 in terms of sound quality (it has a higher note polyphony) and number of sounds available. Like its more junior family member it offers the beginner, those with space requirements or those on a tight budget a good digital piano at a great price.

Price at online retailers

Retailer Country Price from
gear4musiclogo usroundflag £399.00
£449.00 (Bundle)
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About Casio digital pianos

Casio digital pianos have historically catered for the lower-cost end of the market, bridging the gap between the keyboards that they’re famous for and digital pianos.  Casio make a lot of their own components and hence costs have historically been lower than competitors.  At the time of writing, their range currently comprises a few entry level digital pianos (CDP range of which the CDP-220r is one), the Privia range and the Celviano range but nothing more expensive than £1,100.  Casio products are best-suited for beginners and those on a particularly tight budget.  For more information about Casio digital pianos, please click here:

About Casio CDP range

Casio describe their CDP range as “lightweight, a great price and with a full 88-note weighted keyboard”.  The range comprises products that are affordable (under the £500 mark) but that don’t take up much space.  They’re also great if you’re looking to balance the desire for a weighted keyboard with one that can quickly and easily link up to a computer through the USB connection.


There are over 700 sound settings on the CDP-220r: considerably more than available on its younger sister, the CDP 120.  Whilst the CDP-220r has 48-note polyphony and manages chordal passages adequately, some customers have reported that the sound quality suffers when you layer sounds together and is a little tinny on the piano settings, particularly around the mid-range of the piano due to the small speakers.  Whilst not widely used, the pitch-bend function is not as effective as on competitor models and the metronome sound can’t be turned up or down.


The CDP-220r is a medium-weighted piano – the most cost-efficient option but behind a fully-weighted or heavy-weighted digital piano in terms of real piano likeness.  Whilst many users report great satisfaction with the way the CDP-220R plays, there are some that report a clicking or clacking sound as the keys are pressed.

Value for Money


The CDP-220r is currently only available in Black.

Casio CDP 220R

Further information

People who tend to buy pianos like the Casio CDP-220r are usually beginners or those who don’t have a great deal of space to put a larger instrument.  It’s a widely recommended instrument in the digital piano fraternity although for those wishing to pursue learning the piano further, the CDP-220r inhibits this slightly as there is only 1 “jack” entry for the sustain pedal and hence you can’t add a damper pedal too.  For many pianists, the sound of Old MacDonald to a reggae beat more than makes up for this!

Other pianos for consideration

Those who are considering purchasing the CDP-220r might also consider the Casio CDP 120 or Casio PX 130, the Yamaha P95 or the Korg SP170.

Technical specification

Full technical specifications can be found here:


The KeyboardForums site offers further information regarding the CDP 220r:

Here’s Casio Australia extolling the virtues of their range:

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  1. Laura says:

    For the small increase in price over the Casio CDP 120, we went for the CDP 220 as there are so many more sounds: it’s practically the same instrument but for a little bit more in price you get a whole heap more in kit.

  2. Sam says:

    Hi. I meant the “sound quality” [not volume] in my previous post. Thank you.

  3. BM says:

    CDP220R is a great piano, as it comes with the stand and the bench plus has a digital display ; all for the price of $350.00 which I purchased thru a warehouse store, in US. For this price, there is nothing in comparison in terms of features offered along with the quality of the sound.

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