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Casio CDP-120 digital piano review

The lightweight, full-88-key Casio CDP-120 is a great entry-level digital piano for beginners or those who don’t have much space to put a larger instrument. For a full-size keyboard it’s available at a great price and ideal for those on a tight budget.

Price at online retailers

Retailer Country Price from
gear4musiclogo usroundflag £329.00
musicroomlogo usroundflag £329.00
musiciansfriendlogo  usroundflag $449.99

About Casio digital pianos

Casio digital pianos have historically catered for the lower-cost end of the market, bridging the gap between the keyboards that they’re famous for and digital pianos.  Casio make a lot of their own components and hence costs have historically been lower than competitors.  At the time of writing, their range currently comprises a few entry level digital pianos (CDP range of which the CDP-120 is one), the Privia range and the Celviano range but nothing more expensive than £1,100.  Casio products are best-suited for beginners and those on a particularly tight budget.  For more information about Casio digital pianos, please click here:

About Casio CDP range

Casio describe their CDP range as “lightweight, a great price and with a full 88-note weighted keyboard”.  The range comprises products that are affordable (under the £500 mark) but that don’t take up much space.  They’re also great if you’re looking to balance the desire for a weighted keyboard with one that can quickly and easily link up to a computer through the USB connection.


one and a half star

There are five sound settings on the piano: Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Electric Piano, Harpsichord and Strings.  Whilst the CDP-120 has 48-note polyphony and manages chordal passages adequately, some customers have reported that the sound is a little tinny on the piano settings, particularly around the mid-range of the piano due to the small speakers.


The CDP-120 is a medium-weighted piano – the most cost-efficient option but behind a fully-weighted or heavy-weighted digital piano in terms of real piano likeness.  Whilst many users report great satisfaction with the way the CDP-120 plays, there are some that report a clicking sound as the keys are pressed.

Value for Money


The CDP-120 is currently only available in Black.

Casio CDP 120

Further information

People who tend to buy pianos like the CDP-120 are usually beginners or those who don’t have a great deal of space to put a larger instrument.

Other pianos for consideration

Those who are considering purchasing the CDP-120 might also consider the Casio CDP-220 or Casio PX-130, the Yamaha P95 or the Korg SP170.

Technical specification

Full technical specifications can be found here:


A light-hearted review of the CDP-120 can also be found here:

A number of US-based reviews can be found here:

Here’s Casio Australia extolling the virtues of their range:

To hear it being played live – check out Max Tempia’s demos…they’re in Italian:

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  1. Jessica Williams says:

    Thanks for the review dpc. We bought a CDP 120 a few weeks ago: I agree with you on the small clicking sound when the keys are depressed but it’s actually not that loud when you’re playing. In terms of portability, it’s quite a deep instrument but that’s not really a problem size-wise. I’m only a beginner (grade 1) but in comparison to playing a real piano at university it’s remarkably realistic.

  2. Graham Wilberforce says:

    My daughter is a beginner and we considered the CDP 120 alongside the Yamaha P95. Whilst the Yamaha comes highly recommended, we plumped for the CDP 120 in the end as it’s lighter when we want to move it to different rooms for her to practice. It was a close call though.

  3. David Salisbury says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much the CDP 120 varies in price by retailer: Musicroom is £65 more expensive than Amazon! I think your one and a half out of five star rating for the tone rating of the piano is a little too harsh: I know everyone loves the Yamaha sound but the sound on this keyboard really isn’t so bad: I’d probably up it to 2 / 2.5. Love the site btw.

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